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Classy distinguished members of society characterized by their striking good looks and unattainable charisma. Being tall and beautiful, causes many strifes amoung potential suitors. Every wants to be a Syndram, but very few will ever have the privilege of becoming one. They are the envy of every living person with a last name... and the source of this envy is modeled by "Syndram Nation."... which is the elaborate dwelling in which they currently reside.
Tom Cat: Hey! Did you see that Syndram walking by the other day?
Krisface: Yeah! I couldn't hardly contain my excitement!
Tom Cat: I know what you mean! I tried talking to one.. but I almost passed out from sheer exitement!
Krisface: Wow! I hope we could be as cool as the Syndrams someday!
by wanna-be-syndram March 08, 2010
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