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syllove (silent love) is a type of love shared between two people who love one another to unbelievable levels and this love can be felt silently. even when you are apart and can't speak to one another or tell the other how much you love them, they feel their love running through their body and veins. they think of each other without having spoken a word and their absence makes you feel like a piece of you is missing. you think about them at all times and wonder what they are doing, and somehow you are connecting with them on a different, silent level. Its the love where inside you are wishing you could be with the other person every second of the day, but just not knowing how to tell them how you feel. its felt on such a deep level that the other person is on your mind through out the day and they complete you. you feel their love around you, wrapped around you even through they aren't in the same room as you, or in the same building, or even in the same country. You feel them silently wherever you go. Its the type of love where its more than just a physical or spiritual connection. There's an underlying, deeper bond, a silent factor. You can feel their heart beat, their emotions and even if you aren't with them, you can somehow sense how they are feeling. convincing your self that you are complete with out them is hopeless because you can't imagine life without them and they are your other half. All this is experienced on a silent level yet the love is incredibly deep.
It is the type of love where by you can feel the other just by closing your eyes and thinking of them.This love is a beautiful love, a deep love. through this love, you realize you can't live without the other person. They complete you on all levels and they make you the happiest person.

"if you've ever felt syllove, you're life will change around. its such a beautiful love and to feel it silently is truly an amazing feeling. you love the other person so much and even through you can't tell them, you can tell them silently... through your prayers and through telling them silently by speaking through your eyes, your thoughts or by writing to them. Syllove will change your life for the better and the other person becomes your life... silently. I thought i'd never experience this kind of love but one special person, came into my life and blessed me with love. An amazing unforgettable person. We share syllove... its the most beautiful experience ever." - testimony of a syllover
by edgarswift June 29, 2010
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