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A major spank down on your uncooperative kid where every word muttered by the parent (the spanker) is accompanied with a spank to the ass coresponding to the number of syllabils in the word just muttered to the kid (the spankee).
A Syllabatic Ass Whooping done to the sentence "Listen to me. You don't touch the toy at dinner."

(with a Syllabatic Ass Whooping, it looks like this:)

Lis(insert spank)ten(insert spank) to (insert spank) me (insert spank). You (insert spank) don't (insert spank) touch (insert spank) the (insert spank) toy (insert spank) at (insert spank) din(insert spank)ner(insert spank).
by bmwgnome June 06, 2010
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