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Greek meaning, strong; bold. Understated. Never noticed, and listened to, but amounted to be something great and meaningful, has words of wisdom but unheard because of ignorance. Ofter judged by appearance, and not given credit. This name makes people wonder. Has hidden talents. Humble yet outgoing and confident. Confidence varies. Beauty is in this name. This name is very serious, sometimes known to over react and herself to seriously but has her or his reason. If given the chance, would give you the world. Will step in even if its not his or her problem and try to make things okay. Care sometime too much about other people feelings, over what she wishes for. Sometimes selfish when needed to be, in times of opportunity. Optimist, but realist. Honest without warning, sometimes known to be obnoxious beyond belief, down to earth and open minded. Gets along with everyone, but puts her foot down when lines are being crossed, him or her likes things to go their way all the time, but willing to negotiate. Understanding of difficult circumstances. At times manipulative, but no bad intentions at heart. Fast learner, but stubborn as an ass. Likes to make fun, but means no harm. His or her will have a lot of charm so watch out. Hard person not to get along with. Commonly know to make people fall in love, with one conversation.
Sydonie is so confusing, she's hard to figure out, that's just Sydonie. You fell for Sydonie? That isn't unusual.
by Wowwtfreally August 09, 2010
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