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Two short, big boobed, annoing girls who live in Highland Park even though they go to DISD schools, often seen at Northpark Mall. Jenna is the master facebook stalker and will know every thing about you in a matter of minutes. Sydney however likes to drink snapple and flirt with every person alive. Though the pair pisses alot of girls off, they are pretty chill and will make anyone laugh. They also seem to live in their own world so nothing you say to them seperatley will make them laugh but together they never stop. You can always tell where they have been because there will be crosses, waves, and sixes in said place. Music is one of their specialties, they listen to Salem religiously and Skrillex is too mainstream Ultumately a very rad pair of annoying girls who love to hook up with mall rats. Kind of a big deal.
EX 1
Ben: Where are Sydney and Jenna tonight?
Aaron: Probably at the mall hooking up with some crackheads.

EX 2
Kate: Who ARE they?
Meredith: Sydney and Jenna, you haven't heard about them?
Kate: No?
Meredith: They piss me off but they're kind of a big deal.
by CATM@n November 14, 2011
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