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strange "Gamer Greeting" used often used on the Gustin Server of Lineage II. Primary meaning: "hail and well met"; Secondary meaning: (used sarcastically) "UP YOURS"
Swords high Atro!
*response* Hey Joe Smoe :D

i hate you Atro!
*response* Well Swords High to you too pal!
by CommonBlonde March 10, 2005
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Official salutation of the Equalizers Multigame Guild made popular in such games as Diablo II and Lineage II.

It is often accompanied by a victory emote (if one is available in the game being played).

The position of the sword held high shows Trust (as the the sword hoister exposes his flank), Recognition (by shouting his salutation to his friend or acquaintence) and a willingness to fight if necessary (well, he's holding a sword, is he not?).
Swords High Lord Revenant! How are you this day?
by PameanWraith February 28, 2006
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adj. A term describing the current status of your "sword" when an attractive member of the opposite sex is in sight.
A hot female passes by Atro, and Atro, reflexively and unwittingly, says "Swords high... very, very high."
by Anointed Rodent April 11, 2005
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