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An erection that comes completely out of nowhere and results in women panicing, buying surgical masks, and hiding their children. Also causes people to run from the room once symptoms persist. Treatment includes laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself and social isolation. There is no vaccination for Swine Flu Boner and symptoms can often re-occur.
''Jesus Christ Mr. Brown, what the fuck is that?! Oh god! Gordon's got a swine flu boner!''
by iKaite July 15, 2009
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believed to become an epidemic, when you get an errection in the middle of no where symptoms are
-more than 20 boners a day
-non stop boner

-a boner lasting more than 10 minutes

The cure for swine flu boner is rubbing butter on your balls.
Yo jeff i just got a boner i think i got the swine flu boner, well dick i suggest you pull out the butter.
by NegrodamuS Nigga May 02, 2009
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