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It's a cross between the mexicans with swine flu and the nigerians from africa with aids, when a male mexican with swine flu has sex with a nigerian african women with aids thus resulting the man to have 2 diseases.
"Hector has swine flu, and had sex with Shenaleiquezha and she had aids, so now Hector has swine/ aids.. swine aids."
by namsuG oigreS June 24, 2009
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it is a heavy form of swine flu that can be passed on heroditry. Basically a monkey and a pig had sex and then their baby was used in faunication by a man and swine aids was created. It affects the sexual organs and can caus your penis or nipples to swell and often fall off. There is no known cure.
"Damn honkey i got swine aids."

"That'll teach you to play with your sister, now your dicks' gonna fall off."
by CaptainPiggy December 31, 2009
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