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"Swim Bitch." refers to a saying "Sink or swim" meaning that whatever you are doing you can fail and sink or you can swim and make it, telling someone to "Swim Bitch" is telling them to do it with unaffection or an uncaring way.

Used when someone is telling you something that they feel is hard but you don't care while telling them to just do it already.
Using the phrase goes both ways and can be used in a friendly manner only if you have that sense of humor to tell them to do it while them being your playful friend. to be used as a more urban slang to Nike's ,"Just Do it."
"Hey it's been hard trying to save up and do this thing I want but all thes other things keep coming up making it even harder to do." rather then saying "Just do it." you can tell them to "Swim Bitch"

"swim bitch get it done."
"I don't care what you have to do after all that, swim bitch"
"nows the time, swim bitch"
by meowsatyou January 30, 2020
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