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A sweet swinger is a baseball term used to describe a big power hitter, (usually left handed). A sweet swinger is someone who dives into the plate and drives balls over the right field fence. They are also notorious for yanking balls into the bullpen. A sweet swinger usually doesn't use the other half of the field and most sweet swingers usually originate from the good ol' hockey state of North Dakota.
David: Holy shit! That guy just pulled that outside fastball into the first base dugout!
Alex: yeah. we'll that's sweet swinger at the plate.

also can be spelled sweet swinga'
David: Did you see that ball that sweet swinga' hit today!
Vince: No. Wh-wh-wh-where'd it go?
David: He hit it OVER the right field fence onto 6th street.
Vince: R-r-r-really?
David: Yeah, and here's the best part, there was a police officer pulling over a car and the ball hit the cops car!
Vince: Wow. He sounds like a Navajo Warrior.
David: What's a Navajo Warrior?
Vince: It's what we called my brother on the reservation. He was a better hitter then sweet swinger.
by Cacahuate.Veinte.Y.Ocho December 18, 2009
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