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A gamer who takes video games way too seriously, as if $1 million are on the line. The term comes from how some gamers get so intense while playing, that they actually start sweating. They are often found in MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA, but can also be found in various first person shooters.

If you make even one mistake while playing, a sweaty tryhard will yell at you and call you a dumbass for it. Instead of trying to help their teammates and give them tips on getting better, they will just insult their teammates for making mistakes. If the sweaty tryhard's team loses, they will blame their teammates 99% of the time, rather than looking at themselves to see what they could have done better.

Sweaty tryhards act like they are pro gamers and feel like they must win every single game, instead of just enjoying the game and not worrying about winning or losing, especially if they are playing by themselves and not with an organized team.
Postgame lobby:

Sweaty Tryhard: Well, we would have won if my team wasn't a bunch of fucking retards who can't do anything right! You guys should just do us all a favor and quit playing this game since none of you appear to have functioning brains.

Gamer: Are you serious? You know this is a game right? We're not playing for the championship here, it's just for fun. You need to relax.

Sweaty Tryhard: Shut up, scrub! Get good and maybe then you can talk.

Gamer: Wow, what a sweaty tryhard. No wonder you don't have anyone to play with, since no one wants to put up with your bullshit. Calling people retards isn't going to make them better, all it does is make you look like an asshole. Maybe YOU should do us all a favor and leave this lobby.
by zuawg April 26, 2014
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Someone who tries so hard to be cool, that it's extremely noticeable which makes them automatically not cool.
That girl trying to hang out with Pams is such a sweaty try hard.
by pamsforprez July 23, 2017
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