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Sweaty McChubbles n.
A person who is often perspiring; usually out of his pits and most likely out of his man boobs. The regular Sweaty McChubbles come with a pair of man boobs larger than the average hooters employee. McChubbles are known for their distinctive jiggly nature. It is believed that every square inch of their bodies jiggle upon any type of movement, hence the scientific name "McChubbles".
Sweaty McChubbles is renowned for his chess playing ability
His victory usually comes when he uses his patented technique of eating all of the pieces, eating the chess board, and then, finally, eating the opponent.
Don't touch me Sweaty McChubbles!

"Hey is a giant Big Mac eating machine?"
"nah that's just Sweaty McChubbles."
by NUMBA 2 January 13, 2013
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