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An app created by Sweatco. that rewards you with digital currency for steps taken. 1000 steps becomes one Sweatcoin, however you get 0.95 sweatcoin per 1000 steps, as Sweatco takes 5% commission. This commission goes to the treasury which is where you get sweatcoin from if you refer people. Many people on instagram and snapchat gave sweatcoin a bad rep by claiming to earn 1000's of dollars from walking, when most of what they earned came from referrals. However, it is a legit way to get a little bit extra cash, and it will become a cryptocurrency as they have a blockchain in the works. There is also a subreddit (r/sweatcoin) for sweatcoin and it even has a discord server with almost 2000 members, as of april 2018, where you can buy and sell sweatcoin!
(in person)
Hey you have sweatcoin too? cool! add me to your friends!

(on discord)
Buying up to 10k sweatcoin at 0.05 USD each
by cool and good catto May 27, 2018
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greatest way to get free money easy al you have to is walk 20,000,000 miles and you can get £1000 paypal or even a iPhone X Sweatcoin is a app downloadable on the google play store and the app store
Asker: Have you heard about this app?

Responder: what’s it called

Asked: only the best app of all time it can make you bare p’s it’s called swestcoin
Responder: ahhh sick I’ll download it I’ll be rich can I download it on the App Store

Asked: yeah
definition : sweat coin is a app where you can make money by just walking it is available on the App Store for your phone
by Edward Brook May 09, 2018
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