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Noun: 1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of coolness, resulting from the stimulation of being a SWAT "operator" and gathering with other "operators" wearing awesome gear and taking bad ass pictures.
2. an instance of experiencing this.
3. intense or unrestrained excitement associated with being around SWAT operators.
4. an instance or occurrence of such excitement

Verb: 5. To have a swatgasm.

See also: SOFgasm.
Q: Why are all those guys in American Flag Hats having such a good time?
A: They are having a Swatgasm. Good thing they are wearing American Flag Hats, otherwise I would have thought they were Brits, and thus, gay.

If it weren't for the constant Swatgasms, I would have to do actual police work.
by TooCoolForSchoolButNot August 09, 2010
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