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1. A formation of swans that denotes peace and wealth. A group of swans in this formation was highly regarded in ancient times. Adolf Hitler would later form his personal pet swans into this shape, and so it unfortunately became a symbol of hate and terror.

2. A swan with Nazi tendencies.
1. "Oh, what a lovely group of ducks Mr. Henderson has on his front lawn."

"Those, my son, aren't ducks. Look closely. Swans."

"OH MY GOD is that a...swanstika?"

"Yes, son. Mr. Henderson's a Nazi with an interest in ornithology."

2. "Why do those swans keep attacking our Jewish friends?"

"Those ain't regular swans. Look at them shaved heads and tattoos and leather boots. Those is swanstikas."
by nme91 June 24, 2009
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