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'Sailor talk' for retiring from life at sea.
Captain Bob sold his ship and bought a house.

Arr... I never thought he'd swallow the anchor.
by MidiPunk March 19, 2010
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to suck ones cock and swallow the sucked off persons jizzism, regardless how rank or disgusting it may seem because you want to be polite and just get the fuck out of there
Alan: Hey there Billy man last night was fun, huh?
Billy: Hell yeah man, you sucked me clean, no homo.
Alan: Well it wasn't that great for me man, I really had to swallow the anchor.
Billy: Really? Well tough shit man, lets get drunk and shoot wolves from the back of my truck at night!
Alan: Sounds good, then I will tell you about all these imaginary bitches I have fucked in my time.
Billy: Yeah well now sounds like Im gonna have to swallow the anchor this time!
by sexy twat McCunt January 14, 2008
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