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{swag-MEN-tuhm} noun, plural Swagmenta {-tuh}, Swagmentums

The procedure in which swagg (swagger) accumulates, usually resulting in high levels of freshness, being fly, confidence, style, and straight up awesomeness; gaining a more refined demeanor and courageousness as the day (or year) goes on.

Megan: Holy flip! Check out it out! Slate's getting his third number for the day!
Gina: What the whaaay!? Dude! Forreal?
Megan: He's been up for like 25 hours. His swagmentum's been runnin' strong past a day.
Gina: Shh-hh-hh-hh-ch-chh! 'Fhe goes cray-crayfish any harder we might lose him to the feel.

Force or speed of any baller (usually lax); stimulus, as of a physical object, or course of cool shit.

Jeffrey gained swagmentum by releasing his own music and artwork, seeing the general public, and staying chill.

The amount The Void places itself into your psyche.
Ethan: So yeah, I was sayin', drawing and art as a whole kind of allows a person to express themselves without using..conventional terms. The art and the message will always be the same. The artist knows this, I know this, you know this. You're smart, of course you know this. But what changes is time and what varies are the interpreters. The Beatles, for instance, weren't all that "huge" back in their day.. well, okay, they were, but look at them comparatively. Folks didn't know that John and them were starting a revolution. They were merely living in it. Now, half of them dead, they're selling just as much if not more of their work. Van Gogh hardly circulated a painting until after he died and his sister-in-law decided to help him out. Sheeze. This happens more than we all know. What I'm saying is, is that art doesn't merely capture expression, it captures an emotion in time. And what can possibly be cooler than that?
Gina: You're so cool. You're swagmentum's a 12.5 out of ten... Have me right here and now.
by refinedhippie July 08, 2012
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