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(noun, verb) An individual who carries out an action that increases the overall swagger of an event, situation, or gathering.
Party goer 1: "Hey man, I know you told me to only bring one 30-pack of natty, but I brought two."

Host: "That's cocky as shit but, your a swaganthropist man, thanks!"
Party goer 2: "Yo man, you check out that swaganthropist ova there?"
Party goer 3: "Na man who dat is?"
Party goer 2: "Fool, its my boy Party goer 1. The man is a swaganthropist"
Party goer 3: "My n****"
Friend 1: "Man I love the Papa Johns Tuesday special. You get 1 large pie with a topping for $5!"
Friend 2: "Papa Johns behaves like a swaganthropist when he in da house."
by Die20 September 24, 2011
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