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A person that has devoted their life to accumulating large amounts of swag. They do this in hopes that people will like having them around if they have swag, but little do they know that this hobby actually makes them less enjoyable to be around than if they had not collected any swag in the first place. Swag is said to have originally stood for "Secretly We Are Gay", and this would explain why Swag Collectors walk funny(Due to the ass fucking they just received). Swag Collectors can usually be seen wearing sideways hats(with the bill perfectly strait and the sticker still on it), and flashy clothing. The flashy clothing is thought to be a way of attracting mates, much in the way a peacock has bright feathers, with the exception that Swag Collectors are attempting to attract same-sex mates.
Thrillz Millz: "Hey, I'm a Swag Collector"

Perez Hilton: "Yay! Wanna fuck?!"

Thrillz Millz: "Yup!"
by non-SwagCollector December 16, 2012
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