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also called "The Texas of Sweden", mainly because there is hardly any police there. Which means that you can pretty much do anything there. There is a yearly occasion which is called "Texas day" (In swedish: Texas dagen). This is when everyone goes to the town square and enjoy a show of both dancing and singing. There is also a beer tent which everyone gathers later on in the evening. Later on, in the afternoon there is a duckrace.

Svenljunga is also called "the asshole of sweden." Mainly because of all the weirdos who lives there. Its a village with many factories and small companies.

Svenljunga is a cheap ass town which noone wants to live in. The schools are horrible, because they are always cutting of from the economy. Some of the people there are delinquents, and intend to start a fight over nothing in a bar.
Person1: So where do you live?

Person2: In Svenljunga.

Person1: oh, is it nice there?

Person2: It's the asshole of sweden, what do you expect?
by Emotional Barrel December 09, 2010
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