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A small town in Nottinghamshire. Sutton has many sub-cultures mainly a high population of Chavs and Grebs. Chavs will congregate on Sutton Lawn on the nights of Friday and Saturday, while their rivals the Grebs will stay at home listening to music. Nothing is really wrong with Sutton and when compared to other towns namely Selston, Shirebrook, South Normanton and Kirkby it has a low teenage pregnancy and crime rate. If you're from Sutton and are any other culture than Chav or Greb you're normally welcomed into the minority. The other cultures are Girly, Slag, Emo and even the occasional Scene Kid. If you're out in Sutton then you should really take an umbrella as the pigeons are not very polite when it comes to where the release their faeces.
Chavs: C'mon then man, I'll shank ya brav
Greb: Piss off and listen to your dubstep

Some other minor culture kid 1: Sigh, only in Sutton-In-Ashfield could this happen every 10 minutes
Some other minor culture kid 2: True but at least we're not from anywhere like Shirebrook, South Normanton, Kirkby or Selston
Some other minor kid 1: True, this is very true
by ThatRandomer February 04, 2012
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