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A strictly five-star rating scale metric for seriously considered and overly pretentious judgements of first world luxuries such as films, dates, restaurants and fashion.
"Transformers 1 was definitely the best out of all three because two and three just got lame. They went over the top with the special effects and it just really took away from the story. BUT Rosie the Victoria Secret model, is way hotter than Megan Fox. But anyway Transformers 1 gets 4 Sutachans and 3 gets 2, but Rosie on her own gets 5 Sutachans. Swag!"

"Are those eyelashes real? REALLY? Wow they look so natural. Can I touch them? How are they attached? Wow. I give them a 4 on the Sutachan scale."
by kindasirry June 04, 2014
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