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Hmmm well wat to say. Let see Susquehanna High is a crappy 1950's built school, and you can definitly tell. The school is falling apart and no one seems to really care.

Susquehanna is a very diverse school which has it's advantages and disadvatages. I mean it's great knowing all types of people cause not the entire world is one color. The disadvantage is that you have a bunch of wiggers and posers running around. Yeah, that sucks

Susquehanna sports are pretty beasty. Boys Basketball is pretty much amazing. You really can't find a better team. Anywhere, ever. And Hanna pride is everywhere. When you go to Susquehanna you represent. We show our pride even when we're losing.

Apart from Football and Basketball games. There is absolutly nothing else to do in Susquehanna Township. I mean you can go to a movie or hang out with friends, but other than that your screwed.

Yeah, so that's Susquehanna Township. It's pretty amazing.
Kid A : Where do you live?

Kid B: Susquehanna Township, and it's pretty freakin awesome! Except for the crappy High School and posers, but that's besides the point.
by Can you guess? September 23, 2007
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