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One badass, boss and sexy chick. Means good smile All the other chicks be hating, yo. Perfect in every way, funniest chick evaaaaaa, and definitely amazing and freaking awesome...yeahbull, dont mess with her..fooo shoo

AKA-- Sushi

and no, not raw fish, you tards!...stop hating!
omg! look there's sushmitha! shes like sooooooo awesome, im sooooo jealous.
by omgwhyisallthenamestaken February 26, 2010
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A pretty chubby girl. thinks she's all strong and tough, but really she's not!! She's also thinks that she is badass though she is really not. don't be scared or fooled by her, since she is not really intelligent either - she can't do anything!
Person A: Hey the other day this girl called Sushmitha said she was gonna beat me up.
Person B: ..then what happened?
Person A: ...I hit her cause she was annoying and she ran off crying.
Person B:wow she's weak
by Somedude7 August 14, 2016
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