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A well-traveled, spirited, and often irreverent online contest modeled after the CBS reality show Survivor and MTV's Jackass that made use of then-novel webcam and online video technology. It gained a large following and was nominated for a 2001 South By Southwest (a/k/a SXSW) Interactive Award. Some of its contestants (many of whom had gained notoriety for being on the Stile Project portal, had lucrative camgirl sites, or were running respectable E/N sites or blogs themselves) were interviewed by Salon and major networks. It was unfortunately and embarrassingly misappropriated (and summarily run into the ground) by Webpig, a known pervert who harassed and still is harassing underage girls online.
Why is a 35 year old Webpig still running sites that may have been edgy in 2001 but have now gone the way of the 8-track tape, and why is he still around when virtually all of the teens and Gen Y slackers that were associated with the first two incarnations of Survivorcam have wisened up and have either gone to college or are enjoying fulfilling careers?

David Lee Roth should have never replaced Howard Stern on terrestrial radio, and Webpig should have left Survivorcam alone.

When Webpig attempted a "comeback" (in quotes, because you can't really come back if you were a nobody to begin with - it's like K-Fed attempting a "comeback") in 2006 with Survivorcam V, boasting a layout that was more ghetto than Camden, NJ and a game that everyone, including atheists, was praying to "FUCKING END ALREADY", a collective yawn was heard throughout teh interweb.
by Silas K. January 19, 2007
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