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Surroundsoundtypes are the new and improved stereotype. They usually are beamed into your home on the Television or on the Indernehdt via Myspace or Youtube. Surroundsoundtypes promote racism, knowingly or not, of their own accord in return for large sums of money that they are paid by good old white boy executives. Thus surroundsoundtypes detriment the entire group they belong to by setting a bad example and helping to promote ignorance and insensitivity in general. This differs from stereotypes in which the one who discriminates begets the ignorance, whereas in surroundsoundtypes its all just prepackaged propaganda, like the band "the monkeys".
That puppet Flavor Flav is such a Surroundsoundtypes, he is making suburban white kids believe that all black people are as stupid as he is.
by Spectre04 June 28, 2008
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