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A game involving MDMA.

First off you assemble some sort of list with the names of all the people who want to participate in "Surprise Molly". After, gather up enough people to join, they need to sign some sort of waiver and agree on a set amount of molly. Then you write everyone`s name on different pieces of paper and put the papers in a hat. Then everyone comes together and each person takes a piece of paper. This is your "Surprise Molly" target.

Once you receive you receive your "Surprise Molly" target, you have two weeks to attack. You must find some sort of way to get your "Surprise Molly" target to take molly without knowing. For example: put the molly in food and get your "Surprise Molly" target to eat it. The goal is to have your "Surprise Molly" target roll in a good environment (perhaps a party?) successfully without knowing. The only time in which you can talk about molly with your "Surprise Molly" target is if they approach you and ask if they`re on molly. You reply with just a "yes" or "no".

If you do not get your "Surprise Molly" target to consume molly unknowingly, then you lose and do not move on to the next round. You repeat this process once every two months (or one or three etc). You play until there is one person left. They are the "Surprise Molly" champion.
Rick: Yo, let`s get the gang to start up a game of surprise molly!

Darren: Yeah man, great idea!
by ยข!0ยตโˆ‚ October 18, 2013
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