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Someone in a Government department or health department, or any other position of supposed "authority" that just repeats the official line on things. Often their employment contract will state that they can only express views in line with the corporate policy. Just like members of health departments who have to state that drinking fluoride is good for you.

This term is originally attributed to Australian politician Tony Abbott who said (abridged)

"Nobody, however well educated, is the suppository of all wisdom"

Maybe he meant to use the word "repository", but we will never know for sure.
(Person 1) Felicity Dumble from the New Zealand health department says that drinking fluoride in the water is good for your teeth, and it doesn't contribute to cancer, arthritis, or any other problem over the long term.

(Person 2) Yeah, sounds like she's a suppository of wisdom.
by Jim90 August 21, 2013
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