a alternative to the word wassup or sup or whats up but much cuter.
Mary: "Suppo??"

Jake: "nothing pretty much, you?"
by Conggy October 4, 2008
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Mia suppo is the most beautiful sexy lovable woman in the world, the most precious kind genuine person you will ever meet. Her energy and presence will make u feel better no matter how u we’re feeling before. She’s funny without trying, she is a very loyal and nice girl that cares for people more then herself most of the time. Be aware if u have a mia suppo, she will change ur perspective on life and the way you want to live it for the better. Once you meet a mia suppo u will want to hold onto her forever, and you should she will make you a better soul and fill your life with blessings, she will have you looking at the work differently and change ur outlook on things, her body if crafted by god, although she loves her body she still would change little things about it her bawty is rudeee, and as you keep getting to know her you will love the little things she doesn’t like about herself. Mia suppo is someone you have no choice but to love and it will benefit you forever, if u have a mia suppo keep her and give her the love and care she deserves, because she deserves the world.
I love my mia suppo with my whole heart, she deserves the world
by Suckyamudda222 February 27, 2022
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