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Superman Fuck is a term used by someone who did not make their girlfriend, random slut from the bar, etc. have an orgasm. It means that you just fucked them so hard, and so fast that the females body just doesn't register it yet. It may take hours, days or weeks for it happen. (Normally the next time the female gives HERSELF the orgasm)
Example 1

Tom: That girl at the bar last night totally laughed at me and walked away after intercourse. I tried explaining to her it was just a Superman Fuck, and she'll feel it soon.

Joe:You're pathetic Tom.

Example 2

(Harry walks in on his girlfriend giving her an orgasm)
Harry: Ha! I told you that superman-fuck would kick in Ashley!

Ashley: I'm doing this myself, dumbass.
by MiniMoFockinP June 10, 2009
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