Having the most intelligence out of everyone around you at that moment in time.
-That guy is so smart! He totally has a superior intellect!
by bbernard8 March 25, 2019
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The most racist person since the founder of the KKK. Constantly refers to blacks as "niggers" even though from reading his text he is obviously not. He believes that The Black population of this country is inferior to the white population. He thinks the fact that they were denied equal education to white people makes them less human and thus of an inferiro intellect. Although I agree with the fact that "african-american" is one of the most over used words in this country I donot believe that gives him the right to refer to them as niggers. I would liek to meet up with him and show him what I really think of him. If my take on him is based on a misunderstanding (I doubt it) then he can send a reply to this post.
Superior Intellect: White power!!!
by A really angry black guy November 10, 2004
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