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Superfinnerly is a creature that lurks in alley ways of abandoned buildings. When it comes in contact with you, it would ask to be stalked. If you deny the request, it will take you, drag you down the alley way, open its jaws; has over 232 teeth. And bite your neck: paralyzing you. After you have been paralyzed, the creature will rap you in a silky thick web of yeast and will lag eggs on you. The smell of the creature is very distinctive. It has the smell of a cow's corcus. The smell radius is 100 yards. If you come in contact with this 'thing'... It may have been too late. For you.
Superfinnerly: I want to be stalked. I will smell you in your sleep... I am going to report you for saying "hi"! Gets banned.
Random: Stop acting like a Superfinnerly.
by fartartpoptart August 01, 2017
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