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Piece of shiznat bike that all the wanna-be free stylists and mountain bikers ride, thinkin they're cool when they have 1 mm forks and squeeky breaks.
Look at that piece of fucking SuperCycle! Can you say WALMART???
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
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In baseball, it is the next step beyond a natural cycle. A "cycle" is when the batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game. A "Super cycle" is those four feats plus getting on base via a walk(bb) or hit by a pitch (HBP). It is much harder to get beacuse you are swinging more often trying to hit the cycle, and you have to get at bat at least 5 times which doesn't happen too often.
My boy Mookie Betts is about to hit for a super cycle tonight 9/8/18. All he needs is a home run.
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by Herb Dert August 09, 2018
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