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A term when used with any type of drug that is smoked. One person takes a mouth hit, holds the hit in their mouth without inhaling it into their lungs, and then proceeds to open mouth kiss another person while blowing the smoke into them.
She took a deep hit, held it in her mouth, kissed me, and I started to fly. "That's what they call getting a Super-Charge," she said.
by AmmoKinesis September 11, 2009
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When you take a big breath of fresh air while eating a girl out and blow it up her vagina to compress it. Can lead to turbocharging.
My girlfriend asked me to be kinky so while eating her out I supercharged her vagina.
by italianstallion923 August 23, 2012
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The act of inhailing air after taking a hit. Usually done When smoking joints or blunts Or by moving your finger off the carb or removing a bowl to allow air to clear the peace or bong.
larry: bro I ain’t felling this joint man

Terry: my guy you gotta supercharge that bitch
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by ExoticCougar August 02, 2018
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