A term when used with any type of drug that is smoked. One person takes a mouth hit, holds the hit in their mouth without inhaling it into their lungs, and then proceeds to open mouth kiss another person while blowing the smoke into them.
She took a deep hit, held it in her mouth, kissed me, and I started to fly. "That's what they call getting a Super-Charge," she said.
by AmmoKinesis September 11, 2009
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When you do enough cocaine and MDNA to have ass sex 4 times, and get pink eye, but still hire a babysitter to go out for more. Typical good old fashion Holiday Bender behavior.
I want to blow bbg and do blow after our super charged ass sex marathon but tomorrow I need to get more pink eye medicine.
by NugsDotCom December 6, 2017
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