Super Trouper is the brand of a series of follow spotlights.

ABBA used the expression in one of their songs.
The Super Trouper is recognized around the world as the most well respected followspot in the business.
by PhilippG October 08, 2007
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1. a real cool cop who'd go out of the way for you and yet still be working on his job of maintaining security and keeping the peace.
Also super trooper.

2. the title dance track of an early 80s ABBA album.
1. I was at a free show at an outdoor mall opening one weekend and the featured band was Cheap Trick. I've seen them before and they really ROCK like there's no tomorrow. They ALWAYS give their best. The guitarist was flicking picks into the crowd and then he reached into a bucket and chucked a handful into the air. Several of them landed in the grass nearby. I politely asked this cop if he could retrieve one for me. He said he needed to keep his eye on the crowd. I merely suggested he'd do that while looking at me and I could dictate to him where to place his hand. He did just that while keeping watch on me. Soon he got a pick, I said "you can come up now", he handed me the guitar pick. I thanked him kindly, shook his hand and told him that he is a real super trooper. He didn't have to go all out for this but he did and I was very grateful for it. He asked if this was my first Trick show. I said no but this gig was thrilling nonetheless. He said he volunteers for duty at events like this a lot. He told me that he and his wife have seen Cheap Trick play over 30 times and that they play anywhere! What a guy.

2. Me and Greg were playing a game of Monopoly and John brought in two albums: "Super Trouper" by ABBA and "Love at First Sting" by the Scorpions. We had fun that afternoon.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 22, 2008
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1.A highway patrol officer in New Hampire
2. A song by ABBA
3. The stuidest movies i've seen since "Airplane!" and "Airplane II, The sequel"
by n/a August 08, 2003
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