So Straight Straighter the *Super Straight* You can kiss the homies without it being gay!
Justiny: "Yooo Joey You like Being Gangster dont you"

Joey: "Nah bro just fucking kiss me am super super straight"

Justiny: " No your a Gangster"
by ToxicG065 March 10, 2021
A sexual preference in which one prefers every sex. The Super Super Straight flag consists of orange and black:🟧 ⬛️

One, who is better in every are of life, specially in sex (What ain´t hard, since Super Straight people are virgins) than Super Straight people. Super Super Straight people can fuck who ever s/he want`s, except stupid people.
Guy 1: I would not date that stupid bitch.
Guy 2: But I thought you are Super Straight?
Guy 1: No, I’m Super Super Straight.
by whiteultramale March 9, 2021
A man who is only attracted to females who are born females, and those females are attracted to males who were also born male.
Guy 1: Hey do you like women who like trans men?
Guy 2: Hell to the fuck no, i’m super super straight
by Otpurzid March 8, 2021