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An event where two or more born-again Christians (or others of similar spiritual persuasion) engage in a heated argument which either centers around, or relies heavily on, Scripture as a source of authority. Such an argument is distinguished by poor speaking and debate skills.

Since both parties believe they are right, neither will persuade the other, but the result is either quite entertaining or dangerous for bystanders.
(The following is excerpted from an online argument between one of my friends, and some of his other associates. The subject of the original post is irrelevant, because, as with most Super Smash Bible Brawls, the parties involved ended up straying far from the topic.)

First commenter: We are to obey the laws, no discrepancy. Render to Caesar what is Caesars and Romans 13 are what you need to read. The wonderful Levitical passage you cited is for a Theocratic society. I would love to live in a kingdom ruled by God and I will one day, but this earth is not the place for that right now. The Levitical punishment forhomosexuality goes far beyond what the New Testament teaches. Jeremiah taught that one day we will have a New Covenant, where the law will be on our hearts and not need the Old Covenant. That is what the death of Jesus brought us. We are no longer under the law but grace. This grace that Jesus offers is no respecter of race, culture or gender. It is the greatest freedom producing spirit the world has ever known. Sin kills freedom. The legitemacy of homosexual unions has always been the death knell of great countries. Read Romans 1, it describes our arrogance and situation perfectly.

Second commenter: I love the Bible, I love Jesus, so much so that I read on to Romans 2 and found this following.

(Quoted bible verse)

Its not saying keep your opinions to yourself, but work towards your own salvation seems to be the gist of what paul is saying here.

by KamikazeSpider April 30, 2010
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