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An alter ego brought about by excessive consumption of alcohol, extreme fatigue or other mind altering means. Super Josh exhibits extremely outgoing traits and skills thought not to exist within the ego of the altered person. Such traits may include the ability to dance, sing, seduce a beautiful lady, drink more and retort with a very sharp wit.
I'm so hungover from last night. I drank so much. But I really didn't peak until we got to the nightclub, felt the beat, hit the dance floor and I became Super Josh.
by Ego Altered December 25, 2013
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a dumbass that thinks he is god.
likes to get punched. so if you see one...punch him.
hekili: what is that?
tiffanee: i think thats.....superjosh!
taylor: wannabe god.....lets punch him(:
by tiffaneethedummy January 27, 2009
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