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The act of a hooker (usually a cheap one) tricking a drunk man into thinking he's getting a blowjob. She does this by rubbing spit on her neck, then placing the guys cock between her neck and shoulder rubbing until he unloads all over her shoulder.
Guy 1: I just got my dick sucked!

Guy 2: Nah you didn't. That bitch Super Necked you. Fuckin' dumbass.
by Guy with a Big Cock February 18, 2010
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When you give someone (or someone gives you) a neck so hard that other people around you can hear it echo. When a person says "that's a super neck", the other person usually trys to run away.
David: Isn't Russia the largest country in europe?
Gavin: That's a super neck.
David: NO WAIT!
Gavin: *Gives David a super neck*
Lisa: What was that noise?
Jermey: It was probably someone giving someone else a super neck. It sounded like it was at the end of the hallway.

Also similar to that's a neck.
by Richeal Mosen October 06, 2016
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