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a jock who excels at his chosen sport. He is the one who:
A: Scores the most touchdowns during the high school football season.
B: Is the most valuable player on the senior football team, therefore winning the MVP award at the Athletic Awards Banquet.
C: Is the athletic scholarship winner and goes on to excel in college sports.
D: Eventually wins the Heisman Trophy at the end of his college career, and is therefore one of the most sought after NFL prospects.
E: In the NFL, the Super Jock wins many MVP awards, eventually becoming the Star Player on the team that wins the Superbowl.
F: The Super Jock is eventually inducted into the Football Hall of Fame and is remembered as one of the "Great Football Stars."
The Super Jock only got that far by being modest and always putting the team, not themselves, first. They remember the rule "There's no I in TEAM."
"Looks like we're well on our way to winning that Provincial Championship!" Coach Everson predicted.
"All thanks to Andrew the Super Jock!" Connor shouted.
"Thanks to all our combined efforts!" Andrew corrected him, determined not to be the center of attention. "The whole team worked together to win all the games so far! I did not win those games all by myself!"
"That's the sign of a true leader," Coach Everson realized. "You understand that you are part of a great team, but not the only reason the team is great. I'm glad you understand that Andrew! It shows how smart you are!"
"That's just my modesty asserting itself," Andrew tried to explain. He was frustrated that he always managed to be the center of attention. "My modesty keeps me from acting like a typical arrogant jock!"
by Commander Stan July 10, 2006
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a high school student who is one of the starting players on several sports teams or is good at sports and also receives good grades, usually has a 90 average or so. however isnt friends with other superjocks because they are very rare
superjock: " i have good news, i made the football team, and i made the high honor roll again"
normal friend: "your such a superjock"
by eaglesfan June 18, 2006
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