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Mainly a motel for midnight by passers (tired truckers and long distance travelers), the economy suite crowd (chasers), and casual-discreet (sex and/or drug) encounters. It's like any other national (generic) hotel chain, such as Days Inn, Red Roof Inn, LaQuinta, Howard Johnson, Ramada, and etc. Usually, not too fancy or too run down (depends on locations, though) more of a come and go place, unlike a resort or higher-end hotel. Very basic (cable/iron/hot water/hot meal services, not always though), but affordable nightly/weekly rates.

Though in some regions and towns, Super 8 may have more reasonable rates than some of the other national chains. Depends on the package deals, types of services, and competition, but nevertheless inexpensive for the average person, traveling groups, or family.
We were at the Super 8 Motel on Hamilton Ave last night.
by moribonzojori May 31, 2009
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Where Japanese men go thinking that all women there are an 8 shape. Anyone who ever has seen anime will know they are obsesed with the 8 shape on a female.
The Japanese man checked-into the Super 8 Motel thinking he would be surrounded by 8 shaped women, but was dejected when he saw they were all pears.
by Feathered Roadapple February 06, 2005
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