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a sad excuse for a D3 team in the NCAA they are shadowed by all the other D3 teams at maritime. With its ten coachs the team proudly loses on a weekly basis, when facing this team physical disabilities are not a factor as the lose to the Deaf team on a annual basis. With a grandstand of fans made up only by half the players parents its always a good showing. This team drains the little retarted step child of the suny system of many resourses including money which is not easy to find. Many students feel the team should be scrapped similar to the stallworth or sunk to the bottom of some deep body of water.

Members of the team are quick to judge other teams like the sailing team which its ranked top fifteen in the country and the crew team which is also ranked well. The maritime football is a sad excuse for a team at all ... but because the are a football team the school throws money at them thinlong we are some ivy leage school

Suny Maritime Football sucklike similar to the Maritime Blast who is farmiliar to the team
hey did you go to the game the other night,

responce.. no i had something better to do

... what was that ........ poke my eyes out

hey did you hear about the game this weekendto watch "suny maritime football"...... no

im thinking about trying out for our football team..... why because you feel bad for the hearing impared and you want to help there self esteem
by joker2727 November 29, 2009
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A NCAA Division 3 football team which was reformed in 2005. The team is made up of coaches who play favorites and skip the real athletes. The head coach, Coach Kendrick-Holmes is a bi-polar former Naval Academy graduate, Defensive Coordinator Vincent Digaetano is satan worshipper who doesn't know anything about football. Nothing at all, it's kind of funny if you think about how little he does know. Coach Varner is just a fat guy, and Coach Al Piascik has two facial features.
"Where do you play football?"

"Suny Maritime football.."

"Oh what division?"


"You guys good?"

"Yeah when we play Mass Maritime"
by Conspiracy69 September 22, 2008
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