Sunset Strip is the popular name of Sunset Blvd. in L.A. The name "Sunset Strip" was popularized by a movie back in the '50s and another in the '70s, making it one of the world's most famous streets. But this street today is merely the street that connects downtown Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
Hey man should we go cruise Sunset Strip and see if we can pick up some chicks in Bel-Air?
by Kid_DJ October 9, 2006
A crazy ass book about a girl who hung out on the sunset strip in Hollywood- funny, scary, entertaining, real shit.
"Have you read the Sunset Strip Diaries"?

"That shit was crazy..."
by Cray Cray 89 September 11, 2012
the best tattoo shop in the country (continental US). Located in Hollywood, California. surprisingly, found on Sunset Blvd. Tell them 'babycakes' sent you! (then they'll hurt you real bad!)
i just got new ink at Sunset Strip Tattoo.
by babycakes November 11, 2003