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A rare and mysterious kind of nose(?), decorated with a patch of light(?).
Seen once (or twice???) per year.
Paki : Hey mate, I just read about this thing called "sunnynose" you know wtf this is?

The witness: Ah.. The Sunnynose, Well some say it is only a legend.

Paki : What?! tell me more ffs

The witness: Well, I once saw The Sunnynose.

Paki : you did!??? and????????

The witness: I do not recall much of it boy, for I am growing old,
thus my memory is not what it used to be.

Paki: what about pictures then? didnt u take any photos at all? :S

The witness: You fool! It is not possible for any man to capture The Sunnynose on a photo,
you pathetic little boy.
As for now, leave me be.
I need to ponder.

P.S: Beware! You do not want to say the word of "sunnynose" outloud in public,
for it might result in major confusion and if used with bad timing,
might result in minor "accidents"..
by Tehwitnezz December 08, 2008
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