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A rare species of badger found in the ancient British woodland, an unusually dirty species with a rotund snout and a penchant for blackberry's. His mating season is an exercise in frustration and futility due to his unfortunate features. During the mating season Sunils are often found copulating with flowering shrubs mistaking them for female badgers. The characteristic clicking during copulation can be heard throughout the forest often accompanied by a violent shril bleeting; reminiscent of a bumgasm.

The mating ritual can last in excess of 48hrs due to the Sunhils flamboyant and arrogant displays. He often freezes during intercourse especially if he catches his reflection in nearby puddles resulting in spontaneous ejaculation having been overcome by badgery ecstasy.

The dirty sunil badger should be approached with caution especially if acompanied by young children due to his somewhat perculiar and dangerous compulsion to assume the role of a Mighty Duck...and mount them.
Sunil (Bagie rectimus):
"Darling, that damn sunil badger has ravaged my flowering shrubs with his naughty little bottom...again!"

"Mummy that dirty badger just wee'd milk on my face...can we keep him?"
by Sunil sponsors January 14, 2009
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