Towns - mostly middle states - where it's not safe for African Americans to go out after sunset due to KKK attacks
1: Hey btw don't go out after dark here it's a sundown town.
2: Yikes! I'm not coming back here again.
by alora44 March 13, 2021
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A small town (mainly in middle states) that has white, conservative, h*mophobic, r*cist people in it
Rain: I was going move back into my hometown but all the trump supporters h*te crimed me for being gay
Left: Oh my god that's horrible. Never go back to the sundown town again
by drink_water_1 November 22, 2020
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Sundown Town-
A type of Residential Segregation that was enforced by police, they have people holding grudges worse than a f@#$ing bi#$h.

A Sundown may post itself as one or it's passed down by oral tradition. In a Sundown Town, it's awfully similar to a prison town which people are housed together by race and/or color.

The most iconic and famous Sundown Town in California (possibly the entire nation) is Oildale (Northside Bakersfield, it is a secret to everybody!)

The difference is literally between Night and Day.

Once the sun sets and it becomes dark, all the way till the Break of Dawn; please go to your side or face harassment, brutality, the Darkness holds no limit to what can happen.
Example of Sundown Town-

Let's go to Oildale.....

(On the way there a sign says, "Don't let the sun set on you here Ni#$er!")

Makes a U-Turn on the next street.....

"Fuck that!!! I thought this was California,wtf I guess Heaven does have a ghetto after all!!!!
by bbobcali661 May 6, 2023
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