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Ridiculous and vainglorious beard topiary, suggesting the wearer has a massive sense of humour and very little time for anything in life other than tonsorial trimming, this suggestion is however red herring of massive proportions as wearers of such idiotic facial adornment are without exception hugely self-absorbed and self-promoting 'Nathan Barley' types. Usually working in 'Noo Meedja' they are without exception, egotistical, taking themselves and their beards hugely seriously. Compulsive 'Twitterers' to a man (there are very few females able to grow enough chin hair to facilitate a viable 'carve'), they honestly believe that the word in general is as interested in the tedious minutiae of there everyday lives as they are. There is a campain gathering momentum to make such chin adornments an arrestable offence.
'Good grief man, get rid of that silly Sumption before you leave the house'.

Look at the Sumption on that, what a twit.

Trim my Sumption my good man, make sure it's 'relavant' to the youth.
by Postman Patois October 11, 2009
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