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The shittiest school in Washington state. It is filled with sluts, jerks, niggz, ugly, beautiful, crackers, goth, emo, scene, posers, sk8ers, and best of all ASIANS!! This school is the largest place for Goths, Emos, Scene kids to be. The teachers are assholes and the Assistant Princables smoke crack. Only a few people are cool. No one is the most popular at this school.
"I go to Sumner High School!" - Jane
"Are you an asian?" - Mark
"No." - Jane
"Then you aren't cool." - Mark

"Konnichiwa." - Kyla.
"Konnichiwa!" - Erick.

"Oh asians, let's be friends with them so everyone will like us!" - New kid.
"Okay!" - Other new kid.
by JennyJealousyy March 13, 2009
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