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Summit Preparatory School is a non-profit, therapeutic boarding school in Kalispell, Montana. Anywhere from 30-50 "at-risk" teens live here at a time. There is therapy for at least six hours a week and you are forced to do things because all of your and your parents' rights have been given to whichever staff is in charge at the time. The average stay is 12-20 months, with the average age usually at sixteen. The food is shitty and kids have to share a room with at least two others. Nothing is private besides the toilet. The use of technology for "students" is basically prohibited. The base cost is $6,995.00 a month, not including the medication they fill the child up with (usually two or three high cost ones), and transportation and visitations. A place where a kid will want to fuck up more when they leave because the parent can't understand how bad it is to live their. Don't take "non-profit" to heart either, the board of directors make their own decisions about how much they get paid. Even with about 40 kids ($280,000 a month), they "can only afford" one cook. Every three months, "teams" go on "Challenge Trips", such as backpacking for a week in the snowy tundra. The head therapist is known around school to students as Das Führ. The teaching staff barely gets paid more than public school teachers. The Nurse has only one fits all remedy of water and sleep. The psychiatrist comes two days a week and meets with all of the students.

Summit Prep = Major Waste of Life and Money
Old Friend- "I heard you went to Summit Preparatory School!?"
Me- "Yeah that place freaking sucks!"
by steve-ooo December 20, 2012
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