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A building full of the stupidest kids i have ever met in my life, yesterday i sat next to a girl who bitches non stop about how shity her life is and blabla then next class i listened to some girl when i asked her "what your weekend looks like" she said "im praying" and i asked what for and she replied "im praying a tsunami doesn’t hit us!" and i told her the swell already hit the coast in the morning and was very minor and she replied "no my friend Laurens uncle told a prophecy of a tsunami wiping off the whole entire eastern sea board" 1. don’t base your facts or weekends off prophecy's 2. we live on the western seaboard. The school is populated with the most ignorant religious based stupid kids, but the teachers are worse especially Mr M a math teacher, he is a pile of human waste and should be treated as such you ignorant fucker go get beaten with a rubber hose you incredible hypocritical tool Mr A is the best of all of you and he's leaving this year so what the fuck right its not like we need a good teacher all of you make me depressed i go through my days watching you really on god, being retarded, and no just because you watched donny darko, rave, and listen to shity dub step dosent mean your an intelligent free thinking person (im talking to you group of 'unnamed" seniors, you fucks) just to get through the day i just shake my head listen to more BULLSHIT about 6 core characteristics and other NAZI socialist propaganda..i hate you
"Aye homes lets jerk"
"ey cochina!"
"na niga"
(other retarded shit)
"lets rave!"
summit preparatory high school
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